What is Alexandria? 8 Questions Raised on The Walking Dead “Forget”

1. What is Alexandria?


Could it truly be the utopia it seems? Nothing ever is on this show, and theme of this season is “no sanctuary.” But I have to hand it to the writers because these people seem simultaneously both suspicious and not. At first I thought the season would culminate in a fight between Deanna’s group and Rick’s, but now I predict they might team up against an outside threat. Deanna had mentioned exiling people.Which leads me to question two:

2. Are there are hostiles outside the wall?

There’s a shed not too far away and Rick’s clandestine coffee-cup-gun has mysteriously vanished. What were these people exiled for? And does that mean Rick and Co better play ball so they’re not next? And three:

3. Could that have something to do with the Ws branded into the walkers’ heads?

After all, someone is branding them. Why? As a threat? A warning? A foreshadowing of what’s to come? “How dare you exile us; we’ll have our revenge,” etc. And if that’s how are these people weak enough and naive enough to believe that they don’t need that watchtower manned 24/7?

4. If a fight does erupt between the two groups living inside Alexandria, will it be Rick’s group who preemptively initiates it?

Carol may have already with her chilling threat to Jessie’s son. Are our guys transforming into the bad guys, like the governor? Have they finally suffered so much, that they have become what they hate?

5. Can we trust Jessie?

It seems convenient that this group has been “watching” (stalking) Rick’s group, knowing he has two children and has long been without someone to love, and then he immediately has a moment with this attractive blonde with three boys of her own. Is that how they all become The Brady Bunch of The Walking Dead? I’m afraid it’ll be more sinister than that. They seem to be dangling in front of Rick his greatest temptation, and even Jessie’s husband seems intent on getting the two together. What do they need Rick for, really? I don’t think it’s as simple as protection. Maybe procreation?

6. Who is Deanna?

Do we trust her? I’m still with Rick back when he didn’t want to follow Aaron to the community: Trust no one! She’s a politician, and definitely concealing something. Maybe they really are a perfect community, but maybe they’ve made a deal with the devil to keep it that way.

7. What’s with the applesauce?

At first I thought Aaron was absolutely trying to poison Judith. I mean when someone says, “Taste this if it isn’t poison,” you don’t go into a traumatic story about your childhood that made you dislike the taste of applesauce, you eat the damn applesauce so that Rick doesn’t kill you. Maybe it wasn’t poison, but something else seemed to be going on. Aaron is difficult to read. And then they used applesauce again at the dinner party. What’s in that stuff?

8. What is Enid’s deal?

What are they using her for? And why does she really leave the wall? I think there’s infinitely more depth to her character to be discovered.

For once, I’m glad I haven’t read the books before seeing the movie, or in this case show. I’m truly stumped, intrigued, and hanging on the edge of my seat with this new storyline. I don’t want to know what Alexandria is in the graphic novels, I only want to speculate on what it might be. This is what makes watching the show so fun.  Feel free to discuss these questions below, and add some of your own, but please keep it spoiler free 🙂 I also ask that you comment here, not under the Facebook post, so that everyone can participate in the conversation.

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