Alyssa Waugh is a professor of writing at King’s College, holding an M.A. and M.F.A. in creative writing with a concentration in fiction. She began freelance editing independently and then became a copy editor for Etruscan Press. She is also a manuscript reader for the James Jones Novel Fellowship and instructs fiction writing workshops at Wilkes University. Alyssa has had short stories published in Beyond Science Fiction Literary Magazine and won first place in Inkitt.com’s Running Scared horror writing competition.

Her first book of short stories, Hell’s Laughter, was published in October 2017.


Waugh reads and writes stories that raise and attempt to answer the question: Is there anything more to life than what we know? Her stories explore the “more” part. Waugh believes that craving something more…dreaming…is what makes us human, and that sometimes SciFi and Fantasy are more “real” than they are credited for in that way.

She typically writes YA, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, or any combination of the four. Writing is her life, and you can always count on her to be working on at least three novels at a time, and probably a short story too. Her work is inspired by the books of Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Charles Dickens, and many more. She is passionate about superhero comic books and movies, especially those featuring strong female characters, and endlessly inspired by shows and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, and her all time favorite: The X-Files. Chris Carter and Vince Gilligan are two more of her favorite writers.


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